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Language Arts 1

Language Arts 1 is for deaf students learning English at an early level.

Language Arts 1 contains dozens of ASL stories nursery ryhmes, fables, tall tales, vocabulary reviews, idioms, and other language materials for the deaf with a full set of Burton Vision features.

A full year of materials for the average student. 30 minutes a day should provide tremendous language gains.

See it in action

The comprehension test shows a student's understanding of the materials.
Comprehension Test
Facts Test
Flash Cards
Visual Flash Cards
Spelling Practice

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You can try Language Arts 1 today with our free, 20-day trial. The trial features the first nine nursery rhymes, their comprehension tests and their vocabulary, as well as part of Sight Words for the Deaf. Download below or click here for more information about the demo.

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Language Arts 1
Features 25 nursery rhymes each including a writing and comprehension test, and two vocabulary dictionaries with spelling tests, contests and an icon matching test. Contains multiple glossaries featuring several hundred entries.
Words featured in the glossary: See List
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